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Wet paint application booths

Wet Paint BoothThe GEINSA paint booths are designed in accordance with the strictest quality and safety standards, taking into account the needs of the client.

They have ventilation that is appropriate for both the quality of painting and for the painter’s working conditions. Some of the different types of booths that can be added to an automated paint line are shown here:

  • Dry filtration booths.
  • Wet filtration booths.
  • Open booths.
  • Closed booths.
  • Pressurised booths.
  • Air-conditioned booths.
  • Vertical flow booths.
  • Semi-vertical flow booths.

In addition, they can be fitted with additional elements such as:

  • Hoists for personnel and equipment.
  • Humidification.
  • Robots and reciprocators.

The choice of systems for capturing paint pigments are in accordance with the customer’s requirements as is also the type of application and the product to be used.

Wet Paint Booth