Industrial Systems - Surface Treatment Systems - Paint Booths

Surface Treatment Systems

Technology and Experience

GEINSA has evolved since 1967 in the surface treatment sector, innovating daily, both to offer the customer the most advanced technology on the market and to ensure the continuous improvement of its own internal processes.

We provide complete solutions, controlling each stage from engineering, manufacturing, installation through to technical support, which is essential to satisfy all quality standards.

The effects of this policy and experience can be seen in more than 2,000 plants throughout the world and in substantial improvements in the profitability and costs of our customers.

The design of our facilities is conceived after a comprehensive study of actual needs, creating a solution customised to each client, exploiting its resources and improving its productivity.

We use 3D tools for the creation and development of the final project, along with the highest quality materials and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, thus guaranteeing reliability in all our systems.

Logo CEWe provide all our systems with the CE mark, guaranteeing full compliance with the essential requirements laid down in the EU directives.

Currently our Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) team is working to develop solutions that help customers to reduce energy costs by making use of alternative sources of energy, thus minimising the impact on the environment.

Different solutions for different needs:

  • Industrial systems.
  • Automatic surface treatment and painting systems.
  • Degreasing, washing, passivation lines, etc.
  • Wet paint booths (both manual and automatic).
  • Powder coating booths.
  • Cataphoresis systems.
  • Infrared drying ovens.
  • Convection drying ovens.
  • Infrared gelling ovens.
  • Painting/drying booths for the automotive industry (cars, vans, coaches).
  • Painting/drying booths for large areas (boilers, wind turbine towers, large structures, etc.).
  • Electronic painting robots.