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Powder coating application booths

Cabina Pintura PolvoThe improvement in the quality, curing temperatures and range of powder coating colours help to make powder coating a real option to be adopted by many manufacturers.

GEINSA designs the booths according to customer requirements: size, touch-up doors, mobile or fixed reciprocators etc., always maintaining quality and safety standards.

The design of the booths allows them to be quickly and easily cleaned, since they have a smooth interior, and blowers are also added to remove most of the dust in the process.

Cabina Pintura PolvoThe recovery and recycling of the dust is a very significant factor in the economic and ecological importance, involving the installation by GEINSA of high efficiency cyclones in its powder coating booths.

To ensure that the unrecovered powder and fines (uncharged particles) are not emitted into the atmosphere, an absolute filter cartridge is installed after the cyclone with a 99.9% retention capacity.o recuperado y los finos (párticulas sin carga) no se emitan a la atmosfera, tras el ciclón se instala un filtro absoluto de cartuchos con capacidad de retención del 99,9%.