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All our ovens are manufactured with galvanised sheet metal panels, painted on the outside and using completely fireproof high density, low conductivity rockwool for thermal and acoustic insulation. As with all our structures, the assembly of the panels is modular, without welds, avoiding joints and weak points subject to oxidation, facilitating their possible expansion or relocation.

The type of oven depends on the function and on the temperature at which the oven will be used, but includes:

Oven v2 - OvensForce drying oven: convection oven for removing moisture after surface treatment of the part at a suitable temperature to avoid damaging the characteristics of the chemical product.

Powder coating oven: oven for drying wet paints after painting. The part is convection cured by recirculation of the air between 60°C and 150°C depending on the characteristics of the paint and part.

Flash-Off: enclosure with heat and recirculation of the air prior to the curing oven to avoid blistering of the paint on entering the curing oven.

Powder coating oven: oven for the polymerisation of powder coatings. The part is polymerised by convection through recirculation of the air between 200°C and 220°C depending on the characteristics of the coating and part.

Gelling oven: the gelling oven treats the mass by infrared before entering the power coating oven, thus avoiding mixing coatings in the oven due to convection heating, and penetrates deeper into the mass to give perfect polymerisation.

Oven v2 - OvensGenerators:

  • Air flow
  • Radiant tube heater
  • Combustion chamber


  • Natural gas.
  • Propane.
  • Diesel.
  • Electricity.