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Automotive division

The automotive division formed the basis of our group of companies. Our experience accumulated since 1967 guarantees the most complete knowledge of the needs of the automotive paint workshop.

Our constant innovation, supported by the industrial divisions, results in GEINSA’s paint booths being continually developed in parallel with the latest paint application techniques and industrial quality, safety and environmental standards.

GEINSA’s constant desire to improve the customer’s production means that after an assessment of the project the speed and cost-effectiveness of the workshop can be increased in the paint and body shop. Combining booths/ovens with other solutions:

Rapid coating zones: semi-enclosed area with air supply and extraction and including a heat option to adjust the temperature of the zone. This is used for painting various parts of the vehicle. Drying is normally carried out by infrared lamps. This is a solution which significantly increases the productivity of a workshop.

Preparation areas with recirculation: open area for filling and sanding parts with lighting system. Recirculated air ventilation driven through a chamber, assisting the removal of particles, optimising results.

Sanding stations: grids positioned on the floor with an extractor in the base for sanding down vehicles.

Drying options:

By convection: gas (natural, propane, LPG, etc) or diesel.

By radiation: electric.

Automotive division